Adding some “Peepsonality” to Confectionery Manufacturing


Peeps have arguably been one of the most iconic Easter candies for the past 60 years. According to a recent article in the Daily News, more than two billion Peeps are produced every year in the company’s Bethlehem, Pennsylvania facility. Such mass production wasn’t always so easy though. When the company first began, each fluffy, sugary ounce of goodness that is a Peep was hand piped by employees-totaling about 27 hours to create just one package!
In an interview by the Toledo Blade, the Ross family speaks about how the first automated process began in the 1950’s.  As luck would have it, Bob Born just happened to be a physicist and engineer and thus he used his skills to create the first automated Peep extruder.  This machine was so successful, that a version of it is still used today. In addition,  Just Born has ramped up their operations to include common confectionery manufacturing equipment including conveyors, mixers, flow wrappers, and more!