Reducing the Amount of Plastics in the Ocean


It’s no secret that there’s a frightening amount of plastic in our oceans that affects the ocean environment and the lives of sea creatures and plants. A lot of this trash comes from landfills, gets blown off ships, or enters the ocean through beaches or storm drains. Another culprit is the tiny pieces of plastic that are small enough to slip through barriers in water treatment facilities to enter oceans and other waterways.

Unilever NV, a personal care products company, recently announced its plans to help stop small pieces of plastic from entering our oceans and waterways. Some of the company’s facial scrub products use tiny plastic beads as exfoliants. These beads are small enough to escape water treatment facilities and enter watersheds. The company’s plans include phasing the use of these plastic beads out of their products with the intent to eliminate them completely by 2015.

At EquipNet, we love to hear about companies making New Year resolutions like these, and we are committed to helping other companies interested in doing the same. If your organization is interested in finding ways to reduce its environmental impact in 2013, contact us to discuss our Environmental Recycling program.