Asset Management Services for Recovery of Laboratory Equipment Expenditures


Laboratories are often faced with the challenge of securing the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure the utmost accuracy of their data, while at the same time reducing operating costs.
Over time, delicate equipment becomes damaged, worn or replaced by more efficient technologies and is resigned to storage. The disposition of these assets frequently requires the disruption of workflow and reallocation of vital resources.
While many companies consider disposing of this surplus inventory a liability, developing a sound asset management strategy can assist in recovering a significant portion of their investment. An experienced asset management services company can maximize the return on laboratory instrumentation and eliminate the need to consume valuable employee time.
EquipNet offers the world’s largest online MarketPlaceTM for surplus analytical equipment.

Access the Global Resale Marketplace

There is a substantial market for used and refurbished laboratory instrumentation, but businesses seldom have information on potential buyers readily available. Partnering with a third party that is knowledgeable about valuations and possesses a sales conduit that will bring the highest return will enable businesses to recapture their capital.
Warranties have also been implemented on select items on EquipNet’s MarketPlaceTM that offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.*
The appraisers at EquipNet are experts in laboratory instrumentation, which enables us to easily identify specifications and options that impact value.
In addition, EquipNet has a worldwide sales team, positioned in various locations including offices in North America, Mexico, Europe, Colombia, The Middle East, China, Brazil and others, dedicated to the sale of laboratory instrumentation. Numerous options for selling laboratory equipment may also be found through EquipNet’s auction services.

Maximize Your Return with Multiple Services

Disposing of idle laboratory instrumentation requires a great deal of time and attention that can interfere with a business’ core objectives. Once a buyer is found, it must be carefully packaged and scheduled for shipping.
EquipNet Worldwide Logistics provides customized crating and skidding to protect fragile instrumentation. Additionally, EquipNet receives preferential rates from its shipping partners which enable them to pass the savings to their clients.
EquipNet manages all of the complexities of the disposition, allowing the company to focus on its business.

First-Rate Customer Service Management

Scheduling equipment showings for potential buyers can disrupt business operations. Often, the equipment is stored in an environment that doesn’t present its best qualities or allow it to be powered up.
EquipNet’s Global Consignment will relocate laboratory instrumentation to a secure, attractive facility. The equipment will be reassembled and undergo a surface-level cleaning. When feasible, it will be powered on to ensure it functions properly.
Staging is also provided to showcase the equipment for potential buyers. EquipNet provides professional and courteous customer service to all clients whether they are purchasing or selling.

Confidentiality and Data Security

Analytical laboratory equipment frequently has confidential data stored in its memory. It’s important to ensure that this information is erased before disposing of equipment to protect sensitive information. Erasure may be preferable to destruction when it allows redeployment.
EquipNet offers tools that will erase 100 percent of the sensitive data on your technology devices. Blancco data erasure software is capable of erasing data even in locked, hidden or remapped sectors. The software will also provide notification if the drive does not meet the acceptable data security level. If this occurs, physical destruction is recommended. EquipNet also provides onsite hard drive destruction to select locations.



Your Excess Inventory can Increase your Bottom Line. Here’s How


*The price for EquipNet Certified listings includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (US and Canada customers eligible only). Customer shall have the right to return the applicable product(s) for a refund or credit.
If repair is needed, Equipnet shall at its sole discretion have the option to repair the unit and ship back to Customer. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by EquipNet, Customer shall be responsible for all packaging and shipping charges for product(s) returned or repaired. If the unit cannot be repaired, EquipNet will attempt to find a replacement unit that is acceptable to the customer. If a replacement unit cannot be identified, EquipNet will credit the customer for their purchase, and will refund the customer or apply the credit to their account.
This 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is null and void if (a) the Product has been modified by the Customer, (b) any repairs have been attempted or completed by either the Customer or another third party, (c) the Product has not been subject to proper maintenance, or (d) the Product has been misused or abused in any way.
For more information contact your EquipNet sales representative.