Lab Equipment Trends in 2016


lab_equipnetWith the ever-growing technologies in various industries, many trends are constantly impacting R&D environments and common practices within laboratories. A number of innovations have occurred within lab in recent years due to the vast growth in new and advanced technologies, including the phenomenon of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine to machine (M2M) communication, and much more.

Here are 3 trends that are currently driving equipment the R&D industry:

1. Downsizing Equipment

Efficiency and convenience is constantly looked for with equipment needs – scientists and researchers within labs are now seeking smaller equipment, and that’s exactly what OEMs are giving them. Having smaller equipment allows more space for other equipment and additional lab needs, and thus, the equipment is also performing at a more efficient speed. According to an article from Lab Manager, in the past, valves and pumps were most commonly found at the bottom or the rear of an instrument – today, these components are small enough to conveniently fit directly on top of probes and other lab instruments.

2. Increased Throughput

As mentioned, convenience and efficiency is constantly looked for within a number of fields. Lab equipment manufacturers are beginning to focus more on developing equipment that offers increased and faster performance, and thus increased throughput of materials. This allows for accelerated results and more efficient performance overall regarding the equipment.

3. Decreased Sample Size

A good amount of a laboratory’s budget is allocated to various chemicals, reagents and other expensive synthetics. The smaller the quantities are of these chemicals and reagents, the less the lab has to spend. According to the article from Lab Manager, scientists and researchers are now seeking equipment that can process smaller sample sizes, and assist with conserving costs within the lab.

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