Certified Appraisal Services with EquipNet


appraisal and valuation
It’s officially been five years since our acquisition of Present Value LLC, a worldwide appraisal and advisory company. For those of you who are unaware of EquipNet’s Appraisal and Valuation services, we provide expert, accurate, and cost-efficient solutions for your appraisal needs. EquipNet possesses one of the largest proprietary databases of private-treaty sales and auction results in our industries. Our world-class services and experienced staff provide easy, cost-effective solutions you can trust.

EquipNet provides Appraisals specific to services, needs, industries and more.

Appraisals by Service:

  • Machinery and Equipment Appraisals
  • Real Estate Appraisals
  • Deconstruction Appraisals
  • Broker Price Opinions
  • Business Appraisals
  • Inventory Appraisals

Appraisals by Need:

  • Financing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Litigation and Legal Support
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Taxation
  • Business Planning and Consulting

Appraisals by Industry:

  • Chemical
  • Consumer Products
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech
  • Medical Devices and Healthcare
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Technology and Electronics
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Government Services
  • Real Estate
  • Legal and Professional Services


You can also take a look at some of our success stories here, and eBooks on the importance of asset accuracy.

For more information,

Please visit EquipNet.com/appraisals or contact one of our appraisers today: 781-746-2797