How Machine Learning & AI Improve MRO Processes


machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have come to be two commonly used words recently. Artificial learning is applied in several industries like manufacturing, retail, science, aviation, finance, and healthcare. Artificial learning (AL) is a computer science area that utilizes devices or technology to work smarter than humans.

Why does machine learning interest us? It is transforming the way we live, work, and collect data. Machine learning enables us to leverage technology in various ways, and is now helping us improve processes for MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations parts) needs. Let’s review how machine learning and artificial intelligence have enhanced MRO processes.

The Process

Historically, manufacturers offered warranties and then waited for the equipment or parts to break to repair them. Currently, innovative companies are taking a more practical approach to MRO by leveraging cloud-based applications and onboard sensors to track the performance of equipment. Sophisticated algorithms and historical data can now examine if a machine component has a failure or is at risk.

This AL approach not only brings an efficient supply chain of materials, but creates a more agile process. Some companies no longer use static maintenance schedules according to time or usage. Instead, they determine equipment needs by using data in decision making. This process prevents excess costs and unnecessary maintenance, avoiding potential downtime by controlling failures before they happen.

Driving Supply Chain Parts

Many manufacturers have adopted sustainable supply chains to enable them to harvest a better outcome. Artificial intelligence helps in the logistics process since it reduces the stockpile and overabundance of regional warehouses. Manufacturers require new inventory abilities, components, and parts back from third service providers and customers.

Aaron Parrott, a specialist in supply chain and manufacturing operations states, “When you consider what artificial intelligence is doing to the MRO world, you will find that it has significantly boosted the revenue models…It is enhancing the supply chains.”

Machine Learning And MRO Processes

Machine learning and artificial intelligence provide regular and predictive maintenance, repair and overall processes used by companies to preserve their assets.

Generally, structured MRO plans are beneficial to all data analyses and aggregation processes. Artificial intelligence drives new platforms and tools and thus makes innovations and overall maintenance more effective and efficient. The critical role of machine learning is building predictive accuracy.

An article from Forbes explains how more predictive precisions can improve maintenance. The primary idea is that data integration from various sources gives more business intelligence to companies in the MRO arena. In return, this adds the capability to company processes and fosters more predictive and proactive maintenance programs.

Handling company inventories is an elaborate affair that needs proper planning and labeling. MRO processes are facilitated by machine learning such that any missing data is secured to bring a consistent analysis to the table. It also helps in determining labor cost, benchmarks, and indicators to streamline the MRO processes.

At a very fundamental level, artificial intelligence makes it easy to create better variables which can handle complex situations and provide transparency. It allows proper labor management and streamlines the engineering analysis; thus, the MRO processes become much better.

The Future Of Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

As time passes, artificial intelligence will be used to predict analyses more accurately. The technology will even forecast the expiry date of airplane parts. Artificial intelligence will transform the companies approach and significantly reduce the cost of repairs in the industry.



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