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April 15, 2013
by EquipNet News
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¡Nos vemos en EXPOFARMA!

EquipNet, el líder global en gestión de activos y equipo excedente, le invita a EXPOFARMA este 17,18 y 19 de Abril en el World Trade Center de Ciudad de México.

Por favor, acérquese con nuestros representantes de ventas en el Booth 1222, quienes estarán gustosos de brindarle información referente a nuestros proyectos y la mejor manera en la que usted podría beneficiarse con nuestros servicios.

Referente al equipo que ofrecemos y del


usted podría interesarse, contamos con:



En EquipNet buscamos proporcionarle soluciones inteligentes para su negocio por favor, búsquenos y permitanos ofrecerle un mejor servicio.


¡Nos vemos en EXPOFARMA!


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April 1, 2013
by EquipNet News
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Upcoming April Auction Sales!


Online Lab Auction

Auction Date: April 10 at 9 AM ET
Laboratory Equipment:Featuring Top Manufacturers Including
Applied Biosystems, Beckman, Becton Dickinson, Nikon, Waters,
Agilent, Sartorious & More!


Online Auction
Auction Dates: April 15-18
Laboratory, Processing & Facilities Equipment
Surplus to the Ongoing Operations of a Leading
Global Firm!
Oslo, Norway


Online MRO Auction
Auction Date:April 16 at 9 AM ET
Mechanical Spares and Maintenance,
Repair & Operations Parts (MRO)


Online  Lab Auction
Auction Date: April 17 at 9 AM ET
Laboratory Equipment:Featuring Equipment From
Dendreon & Other Leading Global Firms!


Online Auction
Auction Date: April 22-25 at 9 AM ET
Laboratory, Processing, Packaging & MRO Equipment:
Featuring Equipment from Leading Global Firms!
Multiple Locations, United Kingdom


Online Plant Utilities Auction
Auction Date: April 23 at 9 AM ET
Plant Utility & Material Handling Equipment:

Equipment From Colgate-Palmolive
& Other Leading Global Firms!




our complete auction calendar HERE

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March 29, 2013
by EquipNet News
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Adding some “Peepsonality” to Confectionery Manufacturing

Peeps have arguably been one of the most iconic Easter candies for the past 60 years. According to a recent article in the Daily News, more than two billion Peeps are produced every year in the company’s Bethlehem, Pennsylvania facility. Such mass production wasn’t always so easy though. When the company first began, each fluffy, sugary ounce of goodness that is a Peep was hand piped by employees-totaling about 27 hours to create just one package!
In an interview by the Toledo Blade, the Ross family speaks about how the first automated process began in the 1950′s.  As luck would have it, Bob Born just happened to be a physicist and engineer and thus he used his skills to create the first automated Peep extruder.  This machine was so successful, that a version of it is still used today. In addition,  Just Born has ramped up their operations to include common confectionery manufacturing equipment including conveyors, mixers, flow wrappers, and more!

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March 26, 2013
by EquipNet News
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How to Purchase a Tablet Press in the US and Abroad

EquipNet has pharmaceutical buyers from all over the world who purchase an array of manufacturing equipment, most notably tablet presses.  What many buyers may not realize are the regulations set by the US government on tablet presses and how they affect a buyer’s transaction.
In the United States, tablet presses are regulated by the DEA domestically.  The DEA tracks which companies have purchased this instrumentation and where they are being used.  When a client comes to us to purchase a tablet press, we must follow the proper steps before releasing the equipment to them.  Here is a quick overview of the process:

  1. The tablet press is sold: EquipNet then reports the sale to the DEA, including the sales information, the exact address of the purchaser, and information of the carrier transporting the tablet press. 
  2. We wait: The typical wait time once a request is submitted to the DEA is about 15 business days.
  3. Shipment: Once the tablet press is verified, we are able to ship the item. Once the tablet press is shipped, we must also provide a copy of the signed Bill of Lading, confirming it was delivered to the registered location.


Purchasing a Tablet Press Abroad

If you are purchasing a tablet press in a country other than the US, the DEA has no jurisdiction, and thus there is typically no wait time for shipment.  Instead, we simply notify the DEA of the sale and that the press will no longer be at the registered location.  Tablet presses that originate outside the USA and entering back into the USA must be registered with the DEA.  We have to provide port of entry, date of entry, and copy of signed Bill of Lading confirming delivery to the registered location.

Other Regulations

Additionally, some of our sellers have their own DEA compliance departments.  For example, though it might only take 15 days to get in touch with the DEA, the seller’s policy could state that they have scheduled release times of 30 days


Interested in purchasing a tablet press?

Browse our inventory of pre-owned tablet presses here or contact a sales representative at sales@equipnet.com or 781-821-3482.
tablet press

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March 19, 2013
by EquipNet News
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Sneak Attack at Pittcon 2013

We thought it would be fun to mix things up and to bring some friendly competition to Pittcon 2013.  Our VP of Marketing, Ben Potenza will be walking the Pittcon floor this afternoon, March 19, from 3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.  The first one to find him on the showroom floor and give him their business card will win an EquipNet

care package filled with lots of fun little goodies.  Not sure what he looks like?  Check out our Twitter handle (@EquipNet)  at 3:00 for his picture.  Good luck!



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