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Laboratory Showcase Event/Auction

March 7, 2013 by EquipNet News

EquipNet is pleased to announce that on March 13, 2013 they will be showcasing a large inventory of high quality, pre-owned laboratory equipment in their new state-of-the-art showroom  at 5 Dan Road, Canton, MA. Prospective Bidders are invited to preview this premium lab instrumentation at EquipNets’ facility before the online auction that will be held the next day, March 14 beginning at 9 AM ET.  Bidders can also pre-register

for the auction, view the lot catalog and view the terms and conditions online  HERE


This auction features over 600 lots of premium laboratory and analytical instrumentation from industry leaders such as Sanofi-Aventis, Dendreon, ImClone Systems, Progenics Pharmaceuticals and more. Featured pieces include Sciex ABI 5500 Qtrap w/ Waters Acquity UPLC, Thermo Finnigan TSQ Quantum AM Mass Spectrometer with CTC Analytics HTC PAL Liquid Handler and HPLC, and a TA Instruments TGAQ 500 with DSCQ 100.  The sale also features hundreds of other premium pieces from manufacturers including Agilent, Integrated Biosystems, Beckman, Bruker Tensor, and Leica.


Vice President of Auctions, Tom Noonan is excited by the opportunity this auction provides, “We have always provided our buyers with premium, state-of-the-art lab equipment. We now have the capacity to showcase these pieces in a way that allows inspections in a convenient environment, with our in-house experts on hand to answer questions. I would encourage any lab in

the New England area to check this sale out- we have multiple HPLCs, UPLCs, particle analyzers, and many more cutting edge instruments to choose from. This is a sale you are not going to want to miss!”  says Noonan.


If you would like to inspect this privately or have additional questions about the sale, please feel free to contact the EquipNet Auctions department directly at (781) 821-3482 x 2162.  We look forward to seeing you all here!



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open house

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February 28, 2013
by EquipNet News
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March Auction Schedule



Online Propack Auction
Auction Date: March 6 at 9 AM ET
Processing Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Facility Support
Equipment, & Machine Tools fromLeading Global Firms!

Online MRO Auction
Auction Date: March 12 at 9 AM ET
Mechanical Spares and Maintenance, Repair & Operations
Parts (MRO): Featuring Motors, Valves, Drives, Actuators &
More from Merck & Other Leading Global Firms!

Live/Webcast Auction
Auction Date: March 13 at 10:00 local time
Manufacturing Equipment From a Global Pharmaceutical
Company: Processing, Packaging, Lab & General Facility Support
Equipment for Tablet, Suppository, Cream & Liquid Production!
Over 500 Lots!
Mexico City, Mexico

Lab Showcase Event/Online Auction
Auction Date: March 14 at 9 AM ET
Featuring Equipment from Sanofi-Aventis,

ImClone Systems, Progenics Pharmaceuticals
& Other Leading Global Firms!

Online Propack Auction
Auction Date: March 19 at 9 AM ET
Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging
Equipment: Surplus to the Ongoing Operations of Merck!

Online Lab Auction
Auction Date: March 21 at 9 AM ET
Laboratory Equipment:Featuring Equipment From
Progenics Pharmaceuticals, ImClone Systems, Sanofi-Aventis,
Bayer Healthcare & Other Leading Global Firms!

Online Bioprocessing Auction
Auction Date: March 27 at 9 AM ET
Bioprocessing Equipment: Featuring Top Manufacturers
Including Millipore, Sorval, WHE Systems, Amersham, Beckman & More!





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February 28, 2013
by EquipNet News
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Converting from a C Corporation to an S Corporation

Businesses in the U.S. have all sorts of options when it comes to structure. They can be set up as a sole proprietorship, a general partnership, a limited partnership, a limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability limited partnership (LLLP), a limited liability company (LLC) … it becomes a real alphabet soup after a while.

c corp to s corpTwo common classifications for incorporated companies are a C corporation and an S corporation, also called a subchapter S corporation. The main difference between the two is that a C corporation pays state and federal taxes on its earned income and shareholders are taxed on earned dividends. This is called double-taxation. An S corporation pays no income taxes. Instead, the owners of the business, the shareholders, pay taxes on the company’s profit.

Without getting too deeply into the tax codes, if your business is structured as a C corporation, you may find you can realize significant tax savings by converting to S corporation status. To convert from a C corporation

to an S corporation, you’ll have to file a Form 2553 with the IRS. (Always discuss these things with your tax advisor first — they can help you avoid the common pitfalls of C corporation to S corporation conversion.) One of the things they’ll consider if the transition gets the go-ahead is the value of your business. It’s very important that a thorough business appraisal be conducted prior to restructuring in order to determine the value of the corporation’s stock, assets, and goodwill.

EquipNet is happy to perform your business appraisal for you. An EquipNet Certified Business Appraisal means

that the appraisal is USPAP compliant, as well as meeting the standards of the Society of Business Analysts (SBA). Our business valuation experts hold multiple credentials and have performed business appraisals for almost every industry. Contact us today!


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February 26, 2013
by EquipNet News
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Last Chance to own Lab, Processing & Facilities Support Equipment from Major Healthcare Company

One of our clients  has presented us with an immediate opportunity to sell the remainder of their assets at their

facility in Oslo, Norway.  This facility features a wide array of equipment ranging from lab and analytical, to process equipment, and facility support gear.

Featured lab instrumentation includes a Perkin Elmer Autosystem XL Gas Chromotograph and a Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromotograph system.  Process equipment ranges reactors to vessel to parts machines and everything in between including a Miele G7827 Parts Washer and various stainless steel reactors and jacketed vessels.  Facilities support equipment includes a fantastic Orion 500 Highly Purified Water System, a Osmonics Reverse Osmosis System,

and a Steam Generator RO unit. Click here to view the entire inventory that is for sale.   Make an offer!

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February 21, 2013
by EquipNet News
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The Appraisal Foundation Releases A Guide to Understanding a Residential Appraisal



The Appraisal Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of professional valuation and protecting the public trust, announced that it released, A Guide to Understanding a Residential Appraisal, which

was developed spe

cifically for consumers. Thousands of home buyers are given a copy of their appraisal prior to closing on their new home.

This pamphlet provides consumers an overview of the residential appraisal and how it relates to the home buying process. It is designed to help consumers understand residential appraisal, including:

·         The definition of a credible appraisal
·         The appraisal pr

·         Elements of a credible appraisal
·         The importance of appraiser independence
·         How to proceed if a consumer feels that a correction needs to be made to an appraisal reportresidential appraisals

The pamphlet highlights the fact that if a consumer has recently entered into an agreement to purchase a residential property or has completed a loan application to refinance his or her home that he or she may want to retain an appraiser to provide an appraisal to help make decisions such as buying, selling, or financing a home.

Lenders are required to obtain an appraisal, prepared by an impartial and unbiased appraiser, and use it as the primary tool for assessing

the sufficiency of a consumer’s collateral.
If you require real estate appraisal to determine the value of your property, EquipNet is committed to providing you with fast, accurate real estate appraisals that will allow you to make informed business decisions quickly and with up-to-date information. EquipNet’s certified real estate appraisers are able to help in financing situations, with tax issues, and with any other issue from estate planning to foreclosures. Please visit the real estate valuation section of our website for more information.

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