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Common Types of Conveyors and Their Applications

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Are you looking to invest in conveyors for your production line? You need to select conveyors that will best suit the exact needs of your business. However, for you to make an informed purchase, you should understand the different types of conveyors and their applications. This will enable you to know the kind that will meet your application needs. Conveyors come in various designs, but they all have one thing in common; they are used for moving and delivering products to help save time during processing. To make things easier for you, let us have a look at the common types of conveyors and their applications.

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Belts are material handling systems used to convey bulk or large products. How do you use belt conveyors? You need to extend it in an endless loop between two pulleys. Both pulleys have roll underneath, and the conveyor belting is supported by a metal slider or on rollers. This is especially in cases of light loads where there will not be any friction applied to the belt. Motors power the conveyors. The ideal material for the belt conveyor depends on how you intend to use it and the conditions under which it will be operating.

Chain Conveyors

Also known as tow or dragline conveyors, these are mechanical devices that are attached to moving chains or cables. They are used for towing or dragging products. You can use them to move bulk products in flights bins or other attachments.

Roller Conveyors

This kind of conveyor systems utilizes parallel rollers installed in frames. They convey products through the force of gravity, or if you wish, you can do it manually. They come with a range of specifications which include axle center dimensions and roller diameter. They are mainly used for product handling applications such as in baggage and loading docks. They are not powered but instead, use gravity.

Slat/Apron Conveyors

As the name suggests, these conveyors use plates and steel-made slats that are typically mounted on roller chains to help convey products. They are primarily used for material handling, moving heavy objects such as crates, pallets, and drums. The slats are made of heavy-duty materials which make the conveyors durable compared to other conveyors.

Bucket Conveyors

These conveyors entail multi-sided containers which are attached to belts, chains, or cables to convey materials. The conveyor’s vessels remain upright through the process and are then tipped to release the products. They are used in different applications that involve bulk material, food handling, and processing. The material could either be in the form of solid, sludge, or liquid.


Screw conveyors are also referred to as auger, work or spiral. They entail helical elements which help in moving materials. The screw element or auger works by rotating along a central shaft and driving the work material based on the screw design. It also entails a casing or compartment to ensure that the rotational force is well used. These conveyors are mainly used in agricultural applications and can also be used in transporting non-flowering and caking products such as concrete.

Elevator/Inclined Conveyors

These conveyors are the best for carrying materials up and down. They can easily cross over with other belt conveyors to move products to different elevations and protecting them from falling off. Other than objects transfer from one floor to the next, they are also ideal for enhancing gravity flow systems.

You now know which type of conveyor to use to make your processing work easier. Conveyors form a critical part in moving goods during processing fast and effectively.


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