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Types of Mixers

industrial mixer

Industrial mixers are found throughout a wide array of industries. They play an important role in many industrial applications and processing. They come in varying shapes and sizes and are used to mix large quantities of ingredients for different purposes. Here are some of the most popular types.

industrial mixer


Homogenizers are of two types: rotor-stator and blade type homogenizers. Blade homogenizers are cutting blades that rotate at 6000 to 50000 rpm, cutting and blending and completely mixing the material. Common products that are usually homogenized include milk, oil, and water.

High Shear

High Shear Mixers are used to combine immiscible materials that normally wouldn’t mix. When one part of the material is subjected to a different velocity using a high-speed rotor, the product is said to undergo a shear. They come with a different number of blades, diameters of the rotor, and different power, among other variables.


Designed for laboratory use, the lab mixer is ideal for emulsifying and dissolving samples and can replicate any process with consistency. It’s specifically made for the lab environment and requires strictly controlled parameters to ensure accurate results. Depending on the application, it comes with a variety of speed controls, and multiple mixing impeller options.


Used for mixing large quantities of materials, the planetary mixer is so named because of the ingredients are mixed in a planet’s rotation direction. The industrial equipment comprises of a bowl for placing ingredients, the mixing element, and motors to kickstart the processing. The planetary mixer is ideal for mixing sticky or gummy components.


Designed for high-speed mixing, plough mixers have a fast-moving agitator shaft that mixes materials in a three-dimensional movement in the mixing chamber, resulting in high shear action and rapid movement. It’s suitable for dairy products, food, and pharmaceutical products.


High-intensity mixers range from lab stirrers to large production size units that can handle several thousand gallons. They’re equipped with a stainless-steel bowl and blade, uniquely efficient to improve reliability. High-Intensity Mixers are suitable for jobs that require lots of heat and energy.


Equipped with strong blades for extremely high performance and fully optimized processes, intensive mixers are intended for mixing granules and dry powders, meaning the blades have to be wear-resistant. They are applicable in industries such as ceramics, soap, and refractories, among others.

Sigma Blade

The Sigma Blade Mixer is used for mixing, blending, dispersing and kneading highly viscous mass, sticky, and dough-like materials, for example, rubber, and heavy plastics. The blades are made of either carbon steel or stainless steel, with sizes ranging from lab and pilots to large production sizes. Sigma Blade Mixers are also suitable for high-intensity compounding of solids.

Nauta Mixer

Commonly known as a vertical screw blender, the Nauta mixer is specially designed for pastes and powders that are free-flowing and segregated. It’s suitable for mixing several small mixes to produce one large uniform mix.

Twin Screw Mixer

A twin screw mixer is a high-precision mixer made of carbon steel or stainless steel that has a double-helix rotor with two spiral belts. It’s applicable in many industries and is suitable for materials that are dry or semi-wet, for instance, neutralization of sludge with lime, and dust humidification.


These are mixers specifically designed to combine semi-solids and solids into liquid form. They dissolve solids by creating turbulence in the mixture. To reduce the vortex effect of the liquid, liquefiers are often designed with a rectangular shape. However, there are also circular ones available.

Continuous Mixers

Suitable for powders, pastes, slurries or liquids, continuous mixers come with a unique contraflow blade design with back mixing features to allow consistent, continuous mixing and avoid the need to pre-mix. The available sizes range from 500 kg to 250 tons. Some can be combined with heating and cooling jackets.


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