Will Manufacturing Jobs Be a Key Election Issue?

In any given election year, it always seems that there is one pervasive issue that comes to the forefront of the debate, time after time. In 2012, while candidates’ positions on a wide variety of issues are constantly scrutinized, the economy continues to dominate discussion. Specifically, citizens want to know how each candidate plans to “create jobs.” Candidates have strived to be able to boast the title of “job creator” while doing everything they can to avoid being branded a “job killer.” While the debate rages on, one sector of the US economy continues to grow and add jobs consistently. That industry, which is only now starting to garner an appropriate amount of attention, is manufacturing.

On January 3, The LA Times reported that in December manufacturing activity in the US increased for the 29th consecutive month. The Times also noted that 23,000 manufacturing jobs were added in December, one of the best months the US has seen for a while. Factories continue to increase production while new factories spring up across the country. Many are hoping that this growth is a signal that manufacturing may soon play the same role it has for the US in the past. The manufacturing industry was once a centerpiece of a booming US economy in parts of the 20th century. Overtime, and for a variety of reasons, the US began to manufacture less and less. But now we have a reason to believe that may change. Even if the manufacturing industry never becomes as big as it once was, this new wave of jobs that is being created is undeniably good news. Many are predicting that this industry will continue to grow into 2012, and in years to come. Here’s to hoping other industries can follow the same path, and that the growth of manufacturing spurs growth all over the United States.

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