Store Your Idle Assets with EquipNet

Sometimes the solution to dealing with equipment that is either idle or can’t be transferred to another facility is selling it. But sometimes it isn’t or you need to clear it out before the right buyer comes along. If your company has idle equipment

that it isn’t ready to sell or that you need to clear out of your facility

now, warehousing it could be the best option. However, a lot of warehouses require expensive contracts that might be outside of your facility’s budget. The good news is that there’s another option.
Did you know that EquipNet offers low-cost warehousing services? We are able to first receive machinery and equipment, which includes inputting it into our EquipNet Inventory Management System where you can always keep track of your assets. It will then be put into a climate-controlled, OSHA-compliant warehouse, where you only pay for the space you use. EquipNet has experience dealing with all sorts of equipment, so by storing your assets with us, you can trust that they will be handled appropriately. If you decide to sell your assets after keeping them in storage for a while, we can inspect them for sale, place them in the EquipNet MarketPlace, and package them safely and securely for transport.

By trusting EquipNet’s warehousing services, you can free up valuable space in your facility, save money by avoiding expensive warehouse contracts, and be confident in the knowledge that your assets are being handled by experts. If you’d like more information about our warehousing services, contact us today.

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