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U.S. Manufacturing Predicted to be on the Upswing in 2013


In a recent series of articles, The Biggest Trends in Business for 2013, in Entrepreneur Magazine, one of the biggest trends predicted is that “Domestic Production Makes a Comeback.” The article cites factors like more affordable labor, higher shipping costs, a better financial climate, and a surge of homegrown innovation as some of the reasons that the U.S. manufacturing industry is experiencing a renaissance. We’ve seen a number of reports this year that indicate that the U.S. manufacturing is a sector to watch, including: “PwC Reports U.S. Manufacturing Domestic Re-Shoring Due to a Number of Factors and May Lead to Job Growth.”

And yet another article on, “Reshoring 101: Rebuilding U.S. Manufacturing With Right Sizing,” provides a brief history of how the popularity of offshoring for U.S. companies came to be, why reshoring is becoming more attractive, and it makes some additional predictions about the future of manufacturing in the U.S.

“Businesses that do not recognize the liabilities of offshoring may be left in the dust of those acting now to reshore. Reshoring, like establishing world peace, is easier said than done. Therefore, a carefully thought-out plan that is based on a true understanding of the total cost of ownership is essential for project success.”
If your company is in the process of reshoring all or part of its manufacturing operations, as mentioned in the quote above, you need a carefully thought-out plan to understand the total cost of ownership. When planning a new manufacturing project, reorganization, or plant closure, it’s useful to have an expert assessment of your equipment. EquipNet can help you understand what you have, what it’s worth, and what your options are. Based on your situation and objectives, we can also recommend a disposition plan to ensure that you accomplish your goals and maximize returns. Whether you need project scoping, evaluation by an equipment specialist, or lotting of your auction items, EquipNet’s Equipment Project Evaluation Services can help you achieve asset accuracy.

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