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Proactive Asset Management – Supporting Lean Businesses, and Delivering to the Bottom Line

Ben Potenza, VP Marketing, EquipNet, voices his opinion about proactive asset management: supporting lean businesses and delivering to the bottom line, in the December issue of Chemistry & Industry. The article encourages you to identify idle and unused assets for redeployment in sites across your business before moving on to possible external sale. We offer many proactive approaches for managing plant equipment and instrumentation, all of which are backed by our industry expertise.

With EquipNet’s central web-based tracking platform, Asset Redeployment Management System (ARMSTM), you can post, track, identify and internally redeploy equipment that is not being used, ahead of moving to external sale if appropriate.

Find out more by reading the full article here! Or check out the full article in print in the December issue of Chemistry & Industry!

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