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Maximizing Return on Surplus Assets

Roger Gallo, CEO, EquipNet, shares his experience with Packaging News on how companies can maximize their ROI through redeployment and the sale of surplus assets.

Research shows that there is millions of pounds worth of processing and packaging equipment and approximately 5% of it is lying idle. Managers are beginning to better manage the assets within their facilities so they can start seeing greater returns.

Although redeployment is typically the preferred option, Gallo suggests other scenarios such as managed sales, competitive bids, and clearance. Whereas, different liquidation strategies can result in different returns, EquipNet follows the Value Control Model below:

EquipNet provides maximum visibility of assets from site to site through its Asset Redeployment Management System – EquipNet ARMS™. With this software platform, equipment has a higher change of being redeployed within the company.

Learn more about how visibility is key and see the full article in Packaging New, here.

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