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Releasing Hidden Capital

Research shows that approximately 5% of a company’s capital assets are idle. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News featured an article titled “Releasing Hidden Capital” to showcase the many ways in which companies can handle their surplus assets.

In this article, Ben Potenza, VP of Marketing at EquipNet, states that many companies in the biotech industry recognize that they do not have the appropriate technology and resources to properly manage their idle assets and maximize their returns.

This article showcases EquipNet’s Value Control Model and describes a few scenarios where EquipNet has worked with different companies to successfully handle their surplus assets.


In “Releasing Hidden Capital” Ben speaks about the importance of facing challenges, working on deadlines, and finding solutions for projects that have multiple sites. EquipNet’s model helps companies find the right market for their surplus assets while still maximize their returns.

See the full article here to read about some of EquipNet’s success stories.

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