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Wondering how you can generate cash from the idle and surplus equipment laying around your facility?


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The Analytical Scientist
recently published an article titled Analytical Asset Management, written by Ben Potenza, VP of Marketing at EquipNet. Although there are many benefits to having a proactive asset management strategy, most managers don’t have the time to implement a successful program. This article explores EquipNet’s optimized approach and explores different practices that can be beneficial to a company’s plan: Redeployment, scrap, clearance program, and equipment sales through EquipNet’s online marketplace or a competitive auction.


The article provides a real-world example of a major pharmaceutical company that relocated all of its R&D equipment in order to clear the entire site. In using EquipNet’s Asset Redeployment Management System (ARMS), this company was able to set aside 500 pieces of equipment that were transferred to other facilities and partnering companies.


Learn more about EquipNet’s ARMS program.


View the full article here.

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