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Case Study: Global Healthcare Company Success


EquipNet’s client, a global healthcare company that specializes in a wide range of medical services, enlisted EquipNet to aid in the disposition of approximately 300 assets located in their Carlyle, IL facility. Equipment at this site included various types of packaging machines, injection molders, robotic arms, and tanks.

The entire site was due to shut down in March of 2014, giving EquipNet less than 9 months to complete the project from start to finish. EquipNet was tasked with developing a comprehensive solution to meet the clearance needs of the client under a tight deadline, while also working around the ongoing production occurring within this facility during the initial phase of the project.



In order to meet the client’s deadline, EquipNet deployed an Equipment Specialist to the site to inventory the larger assets despite the fact that they were still in production mode. EquipNet then sent a second Equipment Specialist to the facility in September 2013 to inventory the remaining smaller items once production ended. Spacing out these two inventories mitigated the risk of equipment being misplaced between inventory and sale. After all items had been inventoried, assets were sold via EquipNet’s global MarketPlace™ and redeployed within the client’s own network.



At the end of the project, EquipNet had achieved approximately $1.2 million in sales for the client through MarketPlace™, and also redeployed roughly one third of the items to another facility within the client’s internal network.

As the closure deadline neared, there were roughly 30 smaller items still remaining. EquipNet’s sales force was able to quickly identify a buyer who closed on the remaining pieces, thus achieving 100% clearance on all assets. The March 2014 deadline was met the client was satisfied with the services that EquipNet provided.


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