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Every Penny Counts

As businesses of all shapes and sizes strive to cut costs, PMPS talks to EquipNet’s Ben Potenza who outlines the growing second-user revolution in the pharma, biotech, and chemical industries, and shares his recommendations for success.

PMPS asks “What are the main advantages that come with purchasing second-user equipment?”

In response, Ben Potenza states “Over the 15 years EquipNet has been serving the asset management market, we have seen numerous changes in how individual managers and whole companies think about surplus, idle equipment and instrumentation. There have always been equipment dealers – buying assets for as little as they can, before selling them on a profit – but with the rise of the internet and the development of specialists that possess market knowledge, pricing expertise and systems for tracking and redeploying valuable assets, more and more businesses are taking the opportunity to purchase second-user manufacturing or packaging equipment.”

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