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MDM East Showcases New Medical Technology

Medical Device equipment is always changing to adapt to the new studies and findings in medical research. The MDM East Medical Device show in NYC showcases these innovative pieces of equipment that help scientists and engineers continue to develop and grow in their research every day.   As I was walking around the show I was fascinated by the robotic arms playing Jenga, lasers that have quality control sensors, and the 3D printers that bring anything that you can think of to life.

Optimum Technologies Video  Laryngoscope
Optimum Technologies video laryngoscope

What really caught my eye though, was not one of the high tech, multi-million pieces of equipment, but something that is actually used in the medical field everyday. Optimum Technologies helped manufacture a video laryngoscope which is used in the field by EMT’s. This piece of equipment is designed to provide a clear view of the vocal chords during intubation in the field.   Their design competes with and replaces thousands of dollars worth of equipment used in intubation. The tube you see is disposable and can be replaced for just $15, the video monitor only $1,500. Again, thousands of dollars cheaper than the other technologies used for intubation.  

Here at MDMEast you can see and learn a lot of great innovative technologies to help scientists and engineers advance their research in the medical world, but to me it is much more rewarding to see the pieces of equipment that are actually being used in the field. Optimum Technologies and their partners manufacture this unique pieces of equipment for everyday use as an EMT that can save a life on the spot. And if that’s not enough, they do it at a fraction of the price of other manufacturers.   To learn more about  medical device equipment, please go to our website at or reach out to our sales force at [email protected]781.821.3482.    Congratulations to all of the exhibitors here at MDMEast!

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