The Benefits of Asset Management for Semiconductor Manufacturers

A variety of asset management programs are now available for manufacturers in the semiconductor industry. Whether your company is buying, selling or searching for ways to redeploy surplus equipment, asset management services can provide resources to accomplish your goals. Semiconductor manufacturers can receive personal attention to their sales needs for analytical, processing and packaging equipment. An asset management services provider can also manage every aspect of your equipment delivery worldwide. The company will ensure fragile equipment is packaged to protect it from damage, schedule delivery and track the shipment. EquipNet has the world’s most extensive online marketplace for instrumentation and manufacturing equipment.
Procurement Program
The rapid changes occurring in technology, corporate restructuring and continuous improvement practices have generated an abundance of high quality, surplus manufacturing equipment. An experienced broker can help avoid the pitfalls of purchasing subpar or overpriced equipment. EquipNet has an extensive database of equipment provided by manufacturers in the semiconductor industry with which it’s established relationships. EquipNet Procurement Services can simplify your search for reliable equipment as well as provide cost savings of 25 to 75 percent compared to purchasing new equipment.
Semiconductor companies that are liquidating, nearing the end of an equipment lease or tracking inventory require professional appraisal services. The professionals at EquipNet are highly experienced at providing appraisals for companies in the semiconductor and electronics industries. They provide appraisals for buy/sell transactions and tax valuations.
Global Consignment
New equipment acquisitions or restructuring frequently requires surplus equipment to be removed. This usually involves relocating it to a storage facility. As an asset management provider, EquipNet can provide a consultation for the disposition of semiconductor equipment through our Global Consignment services. In addition, the company will remove the equipment to a secure facility and provide a surface cleaning. If possible, the equipment will be powered on and staged for viewing by potential buyers.
Equipment Redeployment
Redeployment of assets can help semiconductor companies reallocate resources from an area where they are underutilized or undervalued to an area where they prove to be more profitable. This may be accomplished by several means, such as by moving surplus equipment from an area where it is no longer used to an area where it is needed to avoid the cost of purchasing new equipment. Alternatively, the equipment may be sold and the proceeds of the sale reinvested in a more efficient replacement. EquipNet offers an Asset Redeployment Management System, ARMS™, to enable semiconductor manufacturers to track and manage their assets.
EquipNet’s asset management services are designed to reduce the costs of equipment purchases for manufacturers in the semiconductor industry as well as assist in recovering capital from underutilized resources.
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