On-site Hard Drive Destruction Services

When it comes time to update a company’s computer systems, managers might be tempted to simply toss out the old equipment, especially if it is outdated or already malfunctioning.
They might be aware of the importance of destroying sensitive data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands but think that they can take care of that task on their own. However, using the computer’s built-in hard drive formatting software or just dragging files into the trash and then emptying it will not be enough to keep criminal hackers from stealing the data.
It’s a trivial matter to use specialized computer forensic software to search for valuable files whose owners unwittingly thought had been destroyed for good.
The Importance of Data Destructionhdd4
Failure to properly destroy sensitive data can result in malicious criminals stealing the identities of your customers, clients and employees. Before victims even realize there is a problem, identity thieves are opening new credit cards in their names and draining their bank accounts. Data thieves will leap at the chance to capitalize on information in their victims’ emails, text messages and private documents to wreak further havoc.
An organization such as a health care provider that keeps medical-related information on people is required to use technology solutions to keep this information safe or it will be in violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
In addition to the public relations nightmare that comes with a massive data breach, the victims may very well try to sue the company that failed to protect them. If the loss of assets doesn’t shut down the company, the exit of formerly loyal customers could be the final nail in the coffin, driving it out of business.
Benefits of On-Site Hard Drive Destruction
The most prudent approach to hard drive destruction is to call a dedicated technology services company such as EquipNet, which has experts who know how to properly destroy drives following government regulations and industry best practices.
EquipNet Technology Solutions services are designed to give company owners the peace of mind that can only come from seeing their hard drives destroyed on the spot at the company’s headquarters or data center. The professionals at EquipNet use a National Security Agency-approved MediaVise Compact Hard Drive Crusher, which can destroy a drive in less than 30 seconds.
Managers and company owners who are charged with safeguarding valuable and sensitive data they’ve collected from customers or generated in-house have a legal and financial responsibility to ensure that they always properly destroy unwanted hard drives. Clearly, the ideal solution is to have a data security firm come to the facility and conduct shredding on site. There will be no worries about data falling into the wrong hands, since the equipment will be rendered harmless on the spot, in full view of the company’s auditors.
Do you have old or unused hard drives that you need to safely destroy and get rid of? Trust the hard drive destruction experts at EquipNet Technology Solutions and contact us today to schedule an appointment:

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