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Asset Management Needs? EquipNet Has You Covered

swiss3According to ISO 55000, Asset Management is the “coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets”, and assets include “…an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization”.
Many steps and resources can be utilized to manage assets properly and may involve the balancing of costs, identifying certain needs of these assets, defining their performance and more. The main focus of Asset Management involves making accurate decisions for your assets and optimizing the true value of those assets.
Different processes may be put in place for Asset Management based on a facility’s individual needs. EquipNet offers a number of programs, including auctions, managed pricing through our MarketPlaceTM, procurement options, global consignment and much more. With the proper resources combined, client’s can look forward to an invaluable asset management tool.
One of EquipNet’s most recognized tools available to clients is an Asset Redeployment Management System, ARMSTM. ARMSTM is a secure, web-based software program that offers companies the ability to locate, track, redeploy, buy and sell equipment and much more. With the assistance of EquipNet’s experienced team of Project Managers, ARMSTM users gain hands-on training and continuous phone-based technical assistance.
Another offering from EquipNet’s corporate asset management program includes access to a highly-skilled Worldwide Logistics team. EquipNet’s Worldwide Logistics services protect your equipment, potentially reduce shipping costs and allow clients to focus their attention on core competencies rather than the complex needs of logistics management.
EquipNet’s Asset Management Program also includes accurate, timely and trustworthy appraisals from in-field experts. A number of appraisals and valuations are offered, including but not limited to: machinery and equipment appraisals, real estate appraisals, business appraisals, inventory appraisals, and more. EquipNet also offers appraisals for specific needs and industries.
IT Asset Management is also included through EquipNet’s Technology Solutions. Some services included in our Technology Solutions department include environmental recycling, data security programs, asset recovery software, onsite hard drive destruction and much more.
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