MRO Industry Innovations

iStock_000001850007SmallMaintenance, repair and operations costs can account for a large portion of the overall cost of running your business. You need to keep these expenses low without ignoring the need. Failure to maintain equipment or repair it quickly will end up costing significantly more. Innovations in the MRO industry offer several ways to stay on top of your costs while reducing expenses and improving performance.
Predict Maintenance Needs
Standard maintenance schedules are effective, but these schedules can also create more maintenance than the equipment actually requires. Sensors can be installed in machinery to check for conditions that show maintenance is required. The same sensors are able to indicate what work is needed. This allows your personnel to replace only the required parts, saving your company both time and money.
For an example, the oil in an auto engine does not have to be automatically changed when the odometer reaches a designated number. The oil change should occur when the oil can no longer protect the engine. By using real-time monitoring of your machinery’s performance, maintenance can be performed when it is needed without waste.
Prevent Failures
When it comes to MRO equipment, regular maintenance is the first step in preventing breakdowns. Constant monitoring of all machinery generates data that can be used to sense a potential failure before it occurs. Computerized data analysis of operating conditions send an alert when a pattern occurs that will lead to equipment failure.
Machine to machine communication can generate and analyze how well each piece of equipment is operating. Adding human analysis of this data will further refine the information. Equipment can be taken out of service before a catastrophic breakdown occurs. With the right MRO system in place, backup machinery can be in place to take over operations.
Fast and Efficient Repair
When the need for a repair is indicated, information regarding the exact parts or adjustments can be transmitted to the technician. This eliminates any guesswork, making the downtime minimal and reducing the use of unnecessary parts. Data can even be used by the machinery to adjust how it is operating, allowing the equipment to repair itself.
By utilizing the technology available, the MRO industry can stay ahead of equipment needs and have solutions ready. Data from your operations can be used to keep the required parts and the correct quantity of those parts on hand or readily available from a supplier. This further reduces expensive downtime while lowering the costs for repair inventory on hand.
Your company also benefits by understanding changes in equipment operation and how the changes affect operating costs. This is similar to technologies that allow for remote monitoring of temperature and remote adjustments to heating or cooling for optimum efficiency. By using the available technologies, your MRO activities will gain the upper hand.

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