Asset Management

How Asset Redeployment Can Improve Production and Revenue

Process improvement methodologies such as lean process management have targeted waste as a way to bolster bottom lines for years. One way to reduce waste in your organization is through proper asset management, which redeploys and manages resources in a way that supports revenue and production. EquipNet ARMSTM and our project teams help you manage assets consistently to create savings and production wins.


Reuse and Recycle Resources

Asset redeployment allows you to move resources such as machinery, industrial equipment and more, from one process to another. By reusing resources across the organization, you reduce accounting wastes and avoid over purchasing. Putting equipment to work in new functions when it’s no longer needed in a previous area also keeps you from disposing useful resources or filling a warehouse with legacy equipment.

Maintain Resources for Proper Production

Asset Redeployment Management involves understanding the state of all assets in the organization, including what maintenance that machinery and equipment might require. Maintaining resources lets you generate maximum functionality and ensures you can redeploy the asset in numerous areas in the future. Keeping track of maintenance and repairs can be tedious, which is why an effective asset management software is a boon to organizations that are equipment-driven.

Remove Resources that Are No Longer Useful

Recycling assets through your organization lets you optimize the value of each piece of equipment, but physical assets usually become obsolete for organizations at some point. Asset management software and services let you identify unnecessary equipment as soon as possible, which lets you remove the resources so they don’t take up space, hinder workflow, or cause confusion. Removing unnecessary assets might even be a critical requirement for safety in your organization.

Sell Used Resources to Fund New Purchases

When you identify assets for removal as soon as they are unnecessary to your process, you increase your chance of commanding strong resale value. Equipment that isn’t useful in your workflow can still be useful to someone else, especially if it hasn’t been sitting in a storeroom for years.

For many organizations, it’s difficult to attend to asset management on a daily basis because customer service, production, and employee-facing issues demand so much attention. Outsourcing asset management lets you realize the production and revenue benefits above without taking away from time spent on other functions. Our ARMS software is run by an experienced project management team that takes the burden from your team and guides you to achieve a productive asset disposition project.

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