Benefits of Utilizing Project Management for Asset Disposition

project management

EquipNet’s Project Managers, who bring a combined two centuries of industry-based experience, work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve goals and deadlines before, during, and after a project’s life span.
Frequently, customers underestimate the resources and the work required to manage asset disposition projects. By providing this important service for your company, EquipNet takes the onus of this work off of your shoulders and onto ours, freeing your staff for other important company work.
project managementAs part of handling your disposition project, EquipNet Project Managers will:

  • Manage the resources to execute the inventory and disposition plan
  • Provide regular progress updates to client liaisons
  • Gather additional technical information in order to facilitate asset sales
  • Coordinate buyer inspections
  • Manage project scope changes to ensure alignment with client objectives
  • Develop and/or assist with generating service quotes (e.g. crating, rigging, and removal)
  • Coordinate post-sale management for 3rd party purchases, including preparation, loading, and shipping
  • Oversee equipment removal and/or demolition


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