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procurement whitepaperEquipNet’s Procurement Service enables clients to benefit from 25% to 75% savings off the cost of new equipment, while avoiding the time, effort, and risks that are traditionally associated with the used equipment market. With over 15 years of experience in this field serving a number of brand-name corporations around the globe, our Procurement program allows clients to find the equipment they need at a fraction of the price.


The term “used equipment market” usually provides a negative connotation for many, as it conjures images of a sleazy salesperson trying to get you to buy unpredictable secondhand equipment. In recent years, however, there have been a number of industry changes and trends such as supply chain restructuring, lean manufacturing prices, and rapid technology shifts. These changes have unleashed an unprecedented supply of high quality pre-owned equipment. Today, companies can readily find top-quality, late-model equipment from leading global OEMs. In fact, it is even common to find equipment that is brand new, unused, and still in the crate directly from the original equipment manufacturer.

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