Pharma & Biotech Trends to Watch for in 2017

Many biotech and pharma companies have had a hard time in the past years. Most of the companies started this year in low-key due to many unsuccessful clinical projects studies and researches, which led to many losses. However, pharma and biotech leaders are optimistic and hopeful that things will turn out better this year than last year. The emerging trends could bring in positive results for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries which could lead to better health for consumers. Below is a list of a few pharma and biotech trends to watch out for in 2017.



New and better Alzheimer treatment

A lot of people across the globe are suffering from memory problems. According to, there are over 5 million Americans alone living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Some researchers have dedicated themselves into finding a better cure for the disorder. The industry has set aside billions of dollars to fund projects, meant for antibody drugs made for helping retain memory as people age. The industry has also found another alternative with the support of San Francisco-based, Annexon Bio-science. The method will work by stopping the immune system from removing synapses needed for neuronal functioning, thus sustaining memory.

Human and machine collaborations

This trend entails the collection of data with the help of a computer. This will give doctors a platform to collect and track information, and they can also discover better treatment means. They will use the drugs that are already available and compare costs, so as to help patients get treatment more efficiently. This will avoid human experimentation, but instead use computers to test drugs. There are also sensors used to measure symptoms cheaply and comfortably by placing them on the body.

More effective drugs

One of the challenging things about the pharma industry is that they spend a lot of time and resources making drugs, but have not come up with drugs that solve an actual health problem entirely. This goes back to the issue of medications being a “one size fits all” fix, when in reality, everyone’s body is different. Some companies have received funding to help conduct drug and behavioral therapy with the new medicine to help people conquer their unhealthy habits. Chrono Therapeutics is one of the companies integrating drug treatment by the use of digital sensors on medicine.
Sterile Machine

More clinical trials and CRISPR advancement

The revolutionary gene-editing tool was already tested on humans, which even includes a DNA-copying technology used to produce a baby with the DNA of 3 parents. There will be more trials in 2017 to test if this technology is safe. The tests will involve more of careful gene editing instead of Vivo modification, which could be helpful due to unplanned gene changes from Vivo modification.

3D painted drugs

The first 3D-printed drug was approved by the US FDA back in 2015, and it is used for epilepsy. The drug is highly soluble, and there is an emerging trend that small companies will come up with more of these types of drugs this year. Due to their high metabolism rate, the drugs can be manufactured fast, meaning they will reach the market more quickly too.
These are just a short list of the many trends to be expected which will make the pharma and biotech industry better and transparent for patients’ welfare.


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