OWN IT NOW: Great Deals on Pre-Owned Equipment from EquipNet

Within the next four weeks, EquipNet will be adding a range of pre-owned equipment on our revolutionary new sales channel OWN IT NOW. OWN IT NOW provides an array of different equipment that sources a number of needs and applications, including Laboratory and Analytical Instrumentation, Processing and Packaging Equipment, MRO, Industrial and much more.

For those of you who are not familiar with our OWN IT NOW platform, we released the sales channel on January 17, 2017. This purchasing option is much different than our other services; OWN IT NOW takes away the hassle of back and forth negotiations and allows prospective buyers to purchase items with the simple click of a button. Each listing on OWN IT NOW has a certain starting price and decreasing time intervals that are linked to price drops – As the clock ticks down, so does the price! But don’t wait too long; you could miss your chance if the competition chooses to OWN IT NOW before the times up!

OWN IT NOW also allows users to enter in a proxy. By setting a proxy, the user is asking the system to automatically secure the item for them when the desired value has been reached. If the item is not purchased prior to the entered proxy amount, the user will be notified that his/her proxy has been accepted. EquipNet then aggregates all purchases made across a single day, providing users with once invoice for all of their OWN IT NOW purchases in that day.



If you need help navigating the OWN IT NOW platform, check out our infographic here.


For more information on OWN IT NOW, visit our website at EquipNet.com/OwnItNow or contact us today:
North America +1.781.821.3482
Europe +
Latin America +57.1.432.7780
[email protected]
Click here for a list of our global offices and additional contact information.

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