Secure Data & Recover Value in Surplus Computer Equipment

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EquipNet’s Computer Equipment Services provide a number of outlets to help you properly manage your unwanted or surplus equipment, all while protecting your sensitive data. From asset tracking programs to on-site data destruction, EquipNet can ensure the best solutions whether you are looking to recover value, secure your data, or both.


computer equipment

Sell Surplus Technology

First and foremost, EquipNet purchases surplus technology and computer equipment. What does that entail? We can provide you with quotes for a range of different assets, including but not limited to:

  • Desktop Computers (PCs & Macs)
  • Laptops (PCs & Macs)
  • Networking Equipment (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.)
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Servers
  • Storage (SAN & NAS)

Technology Asset Remarketing

Our remarketing service includes two components. The first part is a proper analysis and testing of the equipment for maximum salability and data security. After that, EquipNet’s specialists will determine the residual value of your assets in order to choose the appropriate sales channel to maximize returns. Companies from the financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other industries trust EquipNet Technology Solutions to reliably get the best rate of return on their used computers.

asset recovery

Web-Based Asset Tracking

IT ARMS (Asset Recovery Management System) is a proprietary recovery management system that is a customizable, web-based, secure platform that provides companies with the ability to track their IT assets along with all corresponding documents. IT ARMS provides companies with the ability to access information company-wide from the convenience of a single computer.

Logistics Management

Transporting technology equipment can be a burdensome task; with that said, EquipNet partners with one of the largest full service domestic and international transportation and logistics companies in the world. With 65 U.S. and Canadian offices, a global coverage with partners in more than 190 countries, 24/7 customer support, and reporting, our partner brings over 40 years of technology logistics industry experience.
Our logistics services include:

  • Scheduled appointment for professional pick up
  • Palletizing, crating, and packing
  • Secure transport
  • Dedicated truck and sealed container transport capabilities
  • Secure warehousing

computer equipment inventory

On-Site Physical Asset Inventory

In some instances, many companies may benefit from an onsite physical asset inventory. We provide companies from industrial manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, and many other industries with a comprehensive and accurate inventory of all hardware, software, networking equipment, peripherals, and other technology and computer equipment.
Clients can use this information for a number of needs, such as:

  • Migrating to a common or upgraded operating system
  • Implementing new technology strategies
  • Integration of multiple systems
  • Seamless redeployment of assets
  • Outsourcing technology management specifications and contracts


Data Erasure

Protecting the confidential data of one’s company, as well as client’s data is essential in today’s industries, especially with the continuous advancements and innovation within the technology sector. Whether you are upgrading, performing inventory, transferring, or recycling technology equipment, EquipNet will be sure to protect confidential data, reduce the environmental footprint and provide a secure, ethical and cost effective solution to erase data. Our services are DoD 5220.22-M compliant, also provided with certification to confirm proper data erasure.

hard drive destruction

On-site Hard Drive Destruction

For some companies, it may not be feasible to transport computer equipment to EquipNet’s facility for destruction needs. For reasons such as this, we provide on-site services at select locations and travel to client’s facilities with an NSA Approved MediaVise Compact Hard Drive Crusher. With on-site services, EquipNet enables the client to be present during the hard drive destruction process for audit ability.

Hard Drive Shredding

The hard drive shredding process works in conjunction with our hard drive destruction service. Once the destruction process is complete, the hard drives are shredded down to very small fragments, ensuring that any remaining data found on the drives is destroyed. From there, the shredded drives are environmentally recycled and the client is provided with certification.

data security

Data Tape Destruction

Aside from hard drives, EquipNet can also help companies with the destruction of data tapes, destroying any remaining data that may be hiding in your cartridges. The degaussing process offers advanced technologies, ensuring the best output for your data destruction needs. We cover a number of different tape types, including but not limited to:

  • DLT Tapes
  • DAT Tapes
  • LTO Tapes

Environmental Recycling

When there is no residual value for remarketing technology and computer assets, companies are faced with end-of-life disposal responsibilities. If technology assets are not disposed of properly, they can add hazardous electronic waste into the environment, including lead, mercury, and other harmful toxins; improper disposal can also expose a company’s confidential data.

Through our strategic partnership with a leading in electronic recycling, EquipNet provides an environmentally friendly and secure recycling program that complies with federal EPA guidelines. Our partner, Windfield Alloy, has a recycling system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and is certified through e-Stewards.



In order to confirm best practices for securing your data, EquipNet also provides clients with certification for DoD 5220.22-M compliant sanitizing, shredding, and degaussing.


For more information about our Value Recovery services or Data Protection, visit our page here or contact us.


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