The Differences Between an Agitator and a Homogenizer


The mixing process has been around for decades now. An agitator differs slightly from a homogenizer in features and design. Sometimes people confuse the purpose of an agitator from that of a homogenizer and may end up using the wrong equipment for the task at hand.


Most industries make use of both an agitator and a homogenizer depending on the task at hand. Let us look at the main differences between the equipment:

An agitator is a stirring machine while a homogenizer is used to break the structure of components which are to be stirred together

An agitator is an industrial equipment used to stir different contents and mixing them into one solution to be used for a particular purpose. It does not break the structure of the materials and combines them uniformly. A homogenizer, on the other hand, breaks the formation of different components to come up with a homogeneous solution. It is used mostly in industries that require thorough mixing of contents.

A homogenizer has paddles while an agitator does not

A homogenizer makes use of large paddles that mix the contents thoroughly by breaking their structure as opposed to an agitator, which shakes its contents back and forth. An agitator’s mixing is less thorough and does not break the structure of the components used. An agitator is commonly used for combining liquids.

A homogenizer is easily accessible as opposed to an agitator

With a homogenizer, you can quickly scale the contents of whatever you are mixing. You get to know the exact amount while with an agitator, it is hard to measure the components you are mixing. This feature makes homogenizer a little more superior and effective compared to an agitator.

A homogenizer uses multiple mechanical forces while an agitator uses only one

Many industries where mixing forms part of the production process are desirous of a thorough job. That is why many opt for a homogenizer for a perfect end product. A homogenizer uses several mechanical forces all designed in a way that provide stable, uniform, and consistent products. Contents mixed using this equipment are far much better than those where an agitator was used. You will end up with the perfect solution. However, when mixing less complicated solutions, an agitator works fine since it is well suited for that task. Please note that a homogenizer works differently from an agitator. There are some tasks that an agitator cannot do while a homogenizer can.

Multiple industries make use of both an agitator and homogenizer. They all have unique capabilities that serve to accomplish a particular task. In the pharmaceutical industry, for instance, researchers make use of the scalable homogenizer for laboratory research as well as clinical trials and manufacturing. Its efficiency is excellent. Besides the differences between an agitator and a homogenizer, they are used to mix different contents. The only catch comes on how you want to stir your contents. If it involves breaking the structure, then a homogenizer is the perfect equipment for the task.

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