All You Need to Know About Cannabis Extraction

cannabis extraction

Cannabis extraction involves removing a cannabis product from the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains high levels of psychoactive and medicinal ingredients. This process creates a product more useful for a specific purpose than the plant itself. The product has been helpful in cooking, baking, and recreation. This process has been there for long by the use of basic tools. However, in modern-day, there are sophisticated tools and equipment used in the extraction process.

Why cannabis extraction is important

For starters, extraction enhances the purity of the extract and allows for customized solutions to deliver certain effects. It also offers the required quantity of dosage and is available in an easy to consume forms such as pills and other edibles. The product is consumed in low amounts since the amounts are measurable. When it comes to concentration, they can produce strong effects that will last longer.

cannabis extraction

How the extracts are administered

The cannabis extracts can be taken in various forms:

  • Smoking

    Just like old dried cannabis flower, the extracts can be smoked in the same manner. It is mostly applicable for hashish and also for kief that requires smoking in their form or use of pipes.

  • Tinctures

    These are in the form of liquid or fluid extracts which can be taken as oral drops or added directly to food. They can also be applied to the skin directly.

  • Vaporizers

    Vaporizers involve use of inhalers to enable users to breathe in the concentrate. Vaping produces a mist-like substance which is non-toxic. It then takes the pressure from the respiratory tract and offers an alternative way of consuming cannabis. Some of the extracts that can be inhaled are oil, distillates, wax and shatter.

  • Dabbing

    Dabbing is a new process of administering the concentrate. It involves the use of heated titanium skillet, glass, or metal to vaporize the cannabis when it gets into contact with the hot surface.

  • Use of pills and other edibles

    Some individuals may prefer easting cannabis. Some edibles haven been blended with cannabis to offer a smoke-free and convenient process of consuming it. It is just like vaporizing, and it is a private or intrusion method. The effect is quite different and tends to last longer.

Methods of extraction

Although various laws in the US outlawed the consumption of cannabis in the 20th century, there have been significant changes, and the process of extraction has produced new concentrates. There are various methods of extraction which may involve solvent and solventless processes. The solvent method is quite popular and produces quality products. However, it is quite expensive and requires the use of sophisticated equipment and professionalism.

The solventless process is natural and straightforward. There are various methods under this, and some produce a superior and pure extract.

There are various cannabis extraction methods. The carbon dioxide extraction may be preferred by some, while others may prefer BHO or ISO. However, your favorite method will depend on the quality of the extract. Cannabis extraction helps kill bacteria and produces oils, liquid vapors, and wax, among others for leisure or medicinal use.

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