Applications of a Fluid Bed Dryer

fluid bed dryer

Undoubtedly, most people have never heard about fluid bed dryers. However, where drying involves bulk materials such as granules, powders, plastics, among others, this is not a new terminology. What are fluid bed dryers? These are pieces of equipment that use a fluidization mechanism to dry materials. In this process, hot gas is released to the spaces surrounding solid parts and evaporates the moisture. Force is then used to suspend the particles to a state of a boiling fluid bed. Drying takes place when particles get into contact with the hot gas. Below, we explore the functionality of fluid bed dryers in the pharmaceutical industry.

fluid bed dryer

Fluid Bed Dryers and Granulation

In most applications, you will find that powders may not be uniform and may appear loose. They, therefore, need a crystallization process to turn them into small granules. In the pharmaceutical industry, granulation involves aggregating the powder particles to form big pellets. These granules typically have a high density, flows better, and are uniform.

Quality of the final product

If you wish to buy a fluid bed dryer unit, you need more information on the essential features. For instance, the amount of heat transferred should consume little energy. Fluid bed dryers are the best when it comes to drying pharmaceutical products. In this system, the central air is maintained so that moisture escapes to the granule surface.

High temperature can lead to the formation of a crust on the surface, which would prevent moisture from getting to the surface. A fluid bed dryer ensures the moisture moves quickly to the surface to speed the process of drying.

These units are necessary for drying powders in the pharmaceutical industry since they are sensitive to heat. Powders may lose the essential components when exposed to high heat. The fluid bed dryers have sensors for monitoring and controlling everything during drying to ensure the quality of the product does not change.


A hot spot is a significant problem in drying where you find some areas are dry while others have moisture. The fluid bed dryer ensures the particles are separated and dried as individual parts. Hot air normally surrounds the particle and therefore ensures there is efficiency and uniformity when drying.

Uses less labor

A fluid bed dryer is a reliable unit that uses less labor. It is also quite convenient since you can quickly move it between locations. They are portable since they feature rollers or wheels for smooth movement.

They are multifunctional

The equipment is versatile so that you can use it to heat, dry, cool, and coat. A fluid bed dryer is a flexible unit that can handle batch work and works continuously.

If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, the best fluid dryer is one which is easy to maintain and can quickly adapt to your specific needs. Further vibration usually helps in procession and quick drying. A high-quality unit will serve you better. Stainless steel, nickel, or carbon steel are the best materials to ensure the unit last long and is rust-free.

Buy, Sell, and Manage Fluid Bed Dryers

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