The Importance of University Research, and How EquipNet Can Help

Research in universities is an integral, yet often overlooked, aspect of higher education. The benefits can be seen in countless aspects of the education system, including with both students and professors, as well as for the scientific community beyond the university. First, research in a university setting gives students a wider and more expansive educational experience, for they have the opportunity to work hands-on and experiment, then learn from their discoveries and further adapt. This also allows students to build off of what they learn in a classroom setting, and see firsthand what these taught processes actually are and how they function. This ultimately will help students develop critical thinking and investigative skills that are best understood in action, and not only will these skills assist in the, but they will also be of great use in other aspects of their education and life beyond it. The end-goal of the research project no longer becomes the end of the pursuit of knowledge.

The positive effects of university research does not stop at the students, though. Professors also grow and develop positively through these programs. Often, professors work directly with students as advisors and peers, which means that the educational aspect of the research will benefit both of them. In turn, these new discoveries allow the professors to adapt their teaching methods, which will ultimately benefit the students. By working directly in these research settings, the professors will know what new innovations are arising, and they will be able to relay this information to the students. Science is always evolving as more discoveries are made, so this hands-on presence will allow professors to be at the forefront.

A strong research department can have many positive effects on the university as a whole, and ultimately, the world around it. One may never know what the current research may lead to. Whether the research benefits the student understanding or helps lead to a significant scientific breakthrough, the experience will have some positive contribution. Current research can impact and influence current teaching methods, or might lead to a need for more modern or fresh equipment to make the experience beneficial. It may draw the right students or faculty that will make the best use of the university’s offerings and help the school grow as a whole. A strong research department also requires up-to-date and innovative research facilities, which requires donors to see the potential and invest in the universities.

Unfortunately, with how quickly the scientific field can evolve, it is sometimes hard for university research departments to keep up with the advancements. And that is where we want to help. EquipNet knows how important access to high-quality equipment is to research and development is, so we have created a dedicated University Store to help. Our listings are filled with pre-owned pieces of equipment of all types, able to fit any need, and the selection is always changing. But, just because these pieces are pre-owned does not mean that quality has to suffer, because we want your research and development center to be as successful as possible. Take a look at what we have to offer today, and remember to check back frequently, because you never know what might be listed. And, if there is something specific that you need to help your research facility, please reach out to us at 781-821-3482 or at [email protected].


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