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How EquipNet Can Help Your MRO Needs

Do you have a surplus of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) equipment lying around your facility? Whether it is still boxed up, or it’s a newer model no longer being used, you have options, and EquipNet is able to help. If you partner with EquipNet to sell surplus MRO equipment, you can expect your assets to be moved in one of three ways: through an online or sealed bid auctions, through EquipNet’s Own It Now platform, or through negotiated sales efforts on EquipNet MarketPlaceTM. Through an auction event, your assets will be marketed, most likely, in lots that contain one specific category of equipment in bulk. Bulk lots not only make inventorying easier, but they’ve also shown
proven results with strong sell through rates, especially in sealed bids. Through EquipNet’s Own It Now platform, users interested in the assets can buy with the click of a button. Inventory in Own It Now continuously drops in price overtime, so it causes a competitive atmosphere for buyers as they’re bidding against the clock. Lastly, if your MRO equipment finds its way through EquipNet’s MarketPlaceTM platform, the equipment will be marketed in a variety of ways, including through dedicated emails, to stimulate negotiated sales efforts.

Over time, EquipNet has found patterns in what pieces of MRO equipment is most popular to potential buyers. Instrumentation equipment, PLCs, Controllers, Meters, and Transmitters fall into the most popular category, averaging about a 4% to 8% salability. In the second category, Control Valves, Actuators, Bearings and Seals, Drives, VFDs, Circuit Breakers, Pumps, Manual Valves, Repair Kits, Electric Motors, Tools and Consumables, and more average about a 1% to 3% salability. But, EquipNet does not just sell these categories, so if there is something else you have, reach out to see what the company can do.

If you have MRO equipment specific designed for your machine or facility, EquipNet can still help. On the other hand, if you have other facilities within your organization, EquipNet can help redeployment your surplus through ARMSTM, EquipNet’s Asset Redeployment Management System. ARMSTM allows you to proactively identify, track, redeploy, and sell inactive machinery across your organization. If the assets are specific to a popular model or OEM, EquipNet can evaluate the assets and determine the resale value to provide the maximum potential return. If your ultimate goal is simply to clear out your facility, EquipNet can facilitate the process of scrapping these assets, which may be the best option for your needs.

Currently active, until October 30, 2020, EquipNet is hosting a Sealed Bid event, featuring MRO Equipment and Spare Parts from a leading specialty materials manufacturer. The catalog features Wire and Cable, Bearings, Pumps, Motors, Valves, Electrical Parts, Filters, Coils, Bushings, and more! If you are in the market for MRO equipment, this is a great opportunity to browse a variety of bulk lots. Inspections for assets are subject to availability and must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Interested in finding out more information, or ready to register for the event? Click here to find the full sealed bid catalog and submit your online bid packet today!

Do you have surplus MRO equipment around your facility that you are looking to sell or redeploy? Contact EquipNet at +1 (781) 821-3482 or [email protected] to discuss your options today, and for more information on our MRO process, click here!

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