Pharmaceutical Packaging: Future Innovations in the Industry

The global pharmaceutical packaging industry still has room for growth and development to make it even more innovative and create an even better user experience. Drug companies are working hard to improve stability to extend a medication’s shelf life. The world has even seen this firsthand recently with the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Two of the major players in the market, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine, must be stored at specific temperatures to maintain their potency, so it is issues like this that pharmaceutical companies are tackling to make sure that they limit potential waste as much as possible. Whether on a giant scale like a mass vaccination effort or on a smaller scale of storing a personal medication easily for an optimal product lifespan, it is clear that there is room for growth for successful stability.

The physical packaging of a medication is also being rethought in many intriguing ways. Companies are working to create better labeling that clearly states storage and dosage instructions for proper usage. One company, Hally Labels, has even started to create a label that changes colors when the product is not stored properly. Other companies are joining the fight against counterfeit medications by creating holograms, including QR codes, and implementing other features so that consumers and suppliers can easily identify genuine product to guarantee that safe medications are reaching the public. There have even been attempts at packaging that itself tracks dosage to let the consumer know when it is time to take his or her medication. Some manufacturers are even playing with the idea of integrating speakers that would provide more customizable instructions and reminders to help consumers know that they are taking exactly what is prescribed to them.

As proper dosing is a concern and a necessity for the medication to work as intended, companies are also working on products that guide the user through self-administration to make sure that the proper dose is administered. As discussed earlier in the series, more and more autoinjectors are reaching the market to create easy and safe ways for people to administer medications and therapeutics, sometimes ones that typically would require a health care worker’s aid. 3M is also working on a smart inhaler that walks the user through the process and measures the user’s breath to make sure that the medication is successfully taken. These kinds of innovations are finding so much success that animal health is already becoming a focus, and many of the existing drug delivery and drug packaging concepts are making their way into veterinary health.

The pharmaceutical industry is an ever-changing landscape, so make sure you have all the equipment you need to keep up with evolutions in all things pharmaceutical, including packaging. Check out our full inventories of Solid Dose equipment and Biopharmaceutical equipment today. You can also contact us today if there is something specific you are looking to purchase or if you have surplus equipment you would like to sell.


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