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Waste Diversion: A New Priority for Businesses

As companies strive to achieve their sustainability goals, one critical aspect often overlooked is the fate of surplus assets. At a time when the world faces pressing environmental challenges, it is crucial for businesses to understand their environmental responsibility to prioritize waste diversion.

Why do we need to prioritize Waste Diversion?

When surplus assets end up in landfills, they not only occupy valuable space but also contribute to the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses. Moreover, landfills often leach toxic substances into the surrounding soil and water, posing significant risks to ecosystems and human health. 

Surplus assets consist of valuable resources and materials that can be repurposed, refurbished, or recycled. By finding new homes for surplus assets, businesses ensure that the embodied energy and materials invested in the equipment are not wasted. This resource conservation contributes to a more circular economy, where materials are kept in use for as long as possible.

Does this have any other benefits than just being sustainable?

Of course, disposal of assets in landfills often involves large fees and transportation expenses, which can quickly add up. On the other hand, exploring avenues such as resale, refurbishment, or recycling may provide opportunities for revenue generation or at least reduced disposal costs, both financially and environmentally – Not to mention the improved reputation within today’s socially conscious marketplace.

Do I have to make Waste Diversion a priority?

Prioritizing Waste Diversion when dealing with surplus assets is not just an ethical choice but also a strategic one for businesses. By avoiding landfill disposal and exploring alternative solutions, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility, conserve valuable resources, achieve cost efficiencies, and enhance their reputation.

So What is the best way to increase and accurately measure Landfill Avoidance within your business? The answer, EquipNet Equipment Sustainability Programs. Currently, EquipNet has helped our clients redirect nearly 200,000 tons of waste away from landfills. So, why not join us in helping build more sustainable businesses.

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