Asset Management

The Best Method to Optimize Equipment Utilization…

Resource optimization is imperative for all businesses that wish to prioritize profitability while contributing to a more sustainable circular economy. To ensure you are fully utilizing all equipment, firstly consider redeployment. This involves moving machinery, tools, or assets from one facility or department to another to maximize the Equipment utilization. This strategic approach helps reduce operational costs and enhances overall efficiency/productivity in areas that could benefit from the “new” equipment. Equipment that sits idle in one department or facility is essentially a wasted resource. 

Picture this scenario: Facility A, primarily focused on research and development, finds itself in need of high-end laboratory equipment to accelerate a critical project. Simultaneously, Facility B, which had been utilizing this equipment, has shifted its focus to a different phase of development that doesn’t require the same resources. By promptly reallocating these assets from Facility B to Facility A, the company not only ensures that the equipment is put to optimal use but also expedites progress on a vital R&D initiative.

So where does EquipNet come in? Track, Redeploy, and Sell Your Surplus Equipment Globally with ARMS™. Our corporate clients can gain visibility across their organizations using EquipNet’s proprietary Asset Redeployment Management System. ARMS™ is a secure web-based interface that allows clients to proactively identify, post, track, redeploy, and sell surplus or idle equipment.

By reallocating assets to where they are most needed, businesses can reduce costs, extend equipment lifespans, improve productivity, and embrace sustainable practices. Moreover, equipment redeployment fosters adaptability and scalability, allowing companies to thrive in an ever-changing market. Maximize your resources, and consider making equipment redeployment a central part of your business strategy with EquipNet.

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