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Most major pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world prefer to produce their life-saving, disease-defeating, condition-conquering products using only the best available equipment. When you consider this fact, it is no wonder why so many major ph

armaceutical companies around the world look to EquipNet’s MarketPlace to source the premium equipment they need, for a fraction of the price of buying new. For any pharmaceutical manufacturer out there looking to purchase top-notch packaging equipment for their facility, check out some of the premium pharmaceutical packaging equipment available now on the EquipNet MarketPlace:

Unused IWK – Oystar TFS 80 Tube Filling Line with SC5 Cartoner

Inova Syringe Filling Line

ZED Vial and Syringe Kitting – Packaging Line

Uhlmann UPS 4ET Blister Machine with Uhlmann C300 Cartoner

If you’re searching for a particular piece of packaging equipment, please contact EquipNet at (781) 821-3482 or via email at [email protected].


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