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Innovative Packaging Reduces Medical Waste

Kimberly-Clark is a company recognized for brands like Scott, Depend, Kotex, Huggies, and Pull-Ups – all products designed to be thrown away after one use. Recently, to help reduce its impact on the enviro

nment, Kimberly-Clark made a change in its package design for its medical exam gloves. The company noticed that the wide access opening in its package allowed several gloves to come out of the package along with

the one the user intended to remove. Once those gloves hit the floor, they were contaminated, useless, and destined for the garbage can. To solve this waste problem, the company put two access openings in the package. One smaller opening that only allows one glove to come out of the package at a time, and one larger opening to use when the package is half empty and the possibility of more than one glove coming out of the package at a time is reduced. They call their new packaging technology SmartPULL.

EquipNet applauds innovations that help companies reduce their impact on the environment. In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, safety requires that many products be used only once before being disposed of, but stories like this prove there are ways to reduce medical waste in other ways.

If your company is interested in reducing the environmental impact of your waste, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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