Seaweed Could Be a Source of Future Bioplastics

Many agree that the use of petroleum-based plastics is both environmentally and economically unsustainable. As a result, many companies are working to develop bioplastics, which are made from plant materials rather than petroleum. Not only are these

more biodegradable than traditional plastics, they are great for food packaging because they do not impart flavors onto the food and they are non-toxic.

According to an article on, researchers believe that seaweed could be the next material from which bioplastics can be derived. Seaweed, which can be grown in a variety of environments and harvested in large quantities from natural conditions, might create a bioplastic that is a little more expensive than bioplastics used today, but it has been shown to be a more durable type of bioplastic.

It is interesting to watch all of the new developments taking place in the

packaging industry that are working to shift our dependence on petroleum-based plastics or lessen their impact on the environment. EquipNet is excited to be operating in this exciting time in the industry and is committed to helping companies operate in an environmentally responsible fashion.

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