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Reading, Writing, and … Packaging?

This month, the Indian Institute of Packaging announced the opening of a packaging test lab in Bangalore that will not only test products, but will offer a two-year post-graduate degree in packaging technology. The goal of offering the degree is to upgrade packaging standards in India, as well as to develop new packaging technologies in order to make Indian exports more attractive to other countries.

The innovation in packaging is incredible. From edible packaging, to biodegradable plastics, to packaging that helps reduce the staggering amount of food waste in America, the industry is moving fast, and EquipNet is thrilled to be in the midst of it.

As technologies change and companies use existing equipment in different ways or develop new pieces of equipment, our appraisers stay on top of the changes so that they can accurately value the equipment. We help companies purchasing pre-owned packaging equipment customize the machinery for their purposes. We also assist companies that are retiring old equipment to make room for the new.

The packaging industry is evolving quickly, and we’re moving right along with it. It’s an exciting time for the industry and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.

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