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Environment Is of Chief Concern in the Packaging Industry

Packaging World, a magazine devoted to the industry, and DuPont, a self-proclaimed market-driven innovator, recently conducted a survey of professionals in the packaging industry and published the results in a report titled “2012 Survey of Future Packaging Trends.” The survey focused on industry professionals’ predictions of what will be most important to consumers in 10 years and how they envision the industry changing.

The survey showed the industry expects consumers’ concerns about the sustainability, recycleability, and perceived environmental friendliness of packages will become more important over the next decade. Industry professionals also expect that consumers will demand proof of claims about environmental sustainability.

For packaging professionals, the chief concerns over the next 10 years will be conducting analysis that will allow them to prove sustainability claims to consumers and creating recyclable packages. A current major concern that will decrease in importance over the next 10 years is cost of packaging.

It is nice to see that as industry professionals see a growing trend in environmental concern among consumers, they are responding accordingly. To read more survey results, read Environmental Leader’s article, “Sustainability to Dominate Packaging Industry in 10 Years.”

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