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The Journey Toward Sustainable Packaging

Packaging World published an article recently that will be interesting to any company considering a switch to sustainable packaging. The article, titled “Ten Tips for Sustainable Package Design,” has a lot of good advice in it.

The author advised companies to use some type of tool to help them see if their packaging design is becoming more sustainable as time goes on. There are plenty of software tools out there that can do this, but each one uses different types of measurements, so it is important that your company choose one and stick with it. If your chosen tool shows you moving in the right direction, you’re making sound decisions.

Consider using less packaging for each product, or look for ways to use less packaging in a shipment. Keep in mind that no matter what type of packaging your company chooses, consumption should be the ultimate goal in order to reduce wasted product, and packaging should always be recyclable.

Think outside the box. If you can change your product to reduce the amount of packaging needed, do so. Or consider making your packaging reusable so that it stays in kitchens instead of going into landfills.

Most importantly, the article stresses that getting to sustainability is a journey. Making small changes along the way and understanding that there are trade-offs in every decision is essential to getting to the type of packaging your company wants to have.

If your company is considering a change in its packaging, which could require a change in the type of equipment it uses, contact EquipNet today to discuss how we can help.

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