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Creative Packaging in Pharmaceuticals

Most marketing experts would agree that creative packaging is a good tactic for attracting a consumer’s eye. However, there is one industry in which creative packaging is a mistake – pharmaceuticals. If you follow us on Twitter, you likely saw an article we linked to titled “The Case Against Creative Pharma Packaging.” In it, the author listed six reasons why creating eye-catching packages for pharmaceuticals is almost always a bad idea.

The reasons boil down to two key points: it can negatively affect the product’s safety and it doesn’t do much for a company’s bottom line. Bright and colorful packages can attract curious kids who could confuse a medication box for a candy or cereal box. And no matter how well-tested the child safety features on the bottle are, as any parent will tell you, a resourceful kid can outwit them. The consequences of medication falling into a child’s hands can be devastating both for the child’s family and for the medication manufacturer. Not only will it negatively affect the company’s reputation, but it could result in lawsuits or even a facility closure.

According to the article, pharmaceutical packages are plain for a reason. Consumers care more about the product’s efficacy than its cool factor. Unless the medication is an over-the-counter variety or destined to be left in a doctor’s office in a sample package, there is no reason for the medication to have shelf appeal. The author believes that sinking time and money into a creative packaging design is nothing more than a waste of resources.

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