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The world’s first child-proof carton for tablets and capsules, a series of ready-to-fill sterile syringes, and ‘nested’ vials were all featured today in the Innovation showcase area at CPhI. We also got great insight on some new novel direct printing technology – it was all very exciting!

From our point of view though, it was interesting to see how these future systems fit into existing manufacturing and packaging set-ups – similar to what we help our clients redeploy and sell on a regular basis. Even without considering these new formats, people often think that packaging machinery can be too tailored or specific to one type of application. In reality, lots of packaging equipment is freely transferable into new plants, processes and even ownership.

Our 15 years in the market shows us that with the right approach, this class of equipment is just as flexible an asset as other type of machinery. In fact, if you take a look at our auction calendar, you’ll notice a series of major sales that feature production and packaging equipment coming up later this month. Check them out at

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