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Five Packaging and Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

Branding is extremely important in the packaging industry. Companies, both large and small, are constantly trying to determine which packaging methods will stand out and resonate with today’s consumers. However, package design standards are always changing, making it difficult for experts to keep up with consumer demands and expectations. It is crucial that professionals keep their eyes open, looking for new ideas and identifying popular trends to incorporate within their packaging designs. Here are some recent, popular trends that have come to light in 2016.

  • Be As Simple As Possible!

Today, store shelves are crowded with a vast supply of products, and the level of noise is overwhelming for consumers. Finding the right product should not be stressful; it should be quick and simple. One idea for experts to utilize is the creation of a simple package design. Integrating this idea will help decrease the level of stress among consumers to make for an easy and more enjoyable shopping experience. For example, Tylenol Care+ packaging uses text to clearly define what the product is good for by using phrases such as, “I have a fever,” or “I have a cough.”

  • Geometric Patterns

Many companies have begun implementing geometric shapes and patterns into their package designs. Shape and pattern designs have the capability of popping out, instantly grabbing the attention of consumers. Using shapes and patterns are simple as well and stand out compared to cluttered designs. Companies use this idea to their advantage and create clever brand and package designs. For example, Evil Twin Brewing incorporates triangular shapes and patterns in its brand logo, making it easy to identify. Evil Twin Brewing also uses these shapes and patterns in aluminum can designs to make up another image, including the bikini beer design, which uses three triangles to display a bikini on the front of the can.

  • Authentic Design Aesthetics & Abstract Art

Consumers want to find quality and authenticity in the products they purchase. According to Brandfolder, “…people don’t want something that looks like it’s mass produced (even if it is).” The appearance of a product has become a key factor as to whether or not a consumer decides to purchase. Experts predict this trend will continue to increase in future years. According to Andrew Gibbs, founder of The Dieline, “Consumers’ appetites are shifting towards more authentic, real, quality, honest products. Products that are uncomplicated, yet crafted, even vintage inspired.” Packaging designs involving abstract art is another trend on the rise. Similar to using aesthetics for authenticity, abstract art designs are stylish and neat, as opposed to some designs that are both loud and cluttered with large letters and bright colors.

  • Packaging Inspired by History and Old-Fashioned Designs

Implementing vintage and historic designs is another growing trend within the package design industry. Brand experts are bringing the past to the present by incorporating old designs into packages. For example, Genesee Brewing reintroduced its can design from the 60’s for a vintage feel but also made to look new. By implementing this strategy, brands hope to create customer loyalty. Another growing trend in package design is the use of old-fashioned and historic designs. For example, the Shadow Beer design is based on “black magic,” which, according to The Dieline, “…symbolizes the supernatural powers that cannot be seen with naked eyes.” The design features are both unique and mysterious with multiple tastes.

  • Size Matters

Consumers all over the world are constantly looking for products that are a suitable size for them. For example, individuals may want to find smaller packages if they are shopping for his/herself, whereas those shopping for families will want a larger quantity of products and may purchase family size packages. This pattern is especially common in the food industry. It is crucial for brands to know their audiences and package its products based on who is purchasing their products. According to Package World, “…39% of U.K. consumers are looking for a wider range of smaller bottles of alcoholic beverages, and 50% of snackers say they’d be willing to try a new product if it comes in a small, trial-size pack.” Once a brand knows its audience, it is easier to conclude which package sizes are a right fit to sell.



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