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Improving Businesses: 3 Growing Packaging Trends

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packaging equipment
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Any company looking to introduce a quality product will agree that the packaging is one of the most important aspects of the creative process. Because it is often the first impression a customer has about a particular product, packaging is constantly evolving to fit into an ever-changing world. By paying attention to the current trends, businesses have been able to completely revamp the way their products are perceived. This list will go over three of the most effective and innovative packaging trends and how they are helping companies thrive.

Eco-Friendly Packages

Staying green plays a significant role in business today. When companies make it a point to not only recognize environmental issues but also take it upon themselves to do something about it, they are displaying their concern in a highly effective and noticeable manner.

    There are quite a few options companies have to make their packaging safe and environmentally friendly:

  • Edible packaging: Many food products have introduced packaging that their customers can eat. Because the product itself was made to be consumed, the wrapper is just an addition to that tasty snack. Even if customers choose not to eat their container, they will break down in landfills much faster than their plastic counterparts.
  • Recycled Packaging: Studies show that the amount of excess plastic that ends up being thrown out is choking the ecosystem. To take some of the burdens off the environment, businesses have found that using recycled materials for their products has been able to give them an edge over their competitors.
  • Sustainable Packaging: While still made from recycled materials, sustainable packaging also pays attention to other criteria. For example, sustainable packaging is biodegradable, uses a minimal amount of materials and has an overall positive impact on the environment.
packaging equipment
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Clear and Simple Explanations

In recent times, it has become much more popular to keep packaging simple rather than bombarding the customer with an excess of information. If a person has a headache, it is much more efficient to find a bottle labeled “headache medicine” than it is to read through the contents to determine if it will actually help. By simplifying names and uses, customers can get a quicker overview of what that product can actually help them with. It has made the whole shopping process easier on consumers and has given businesses a little breathing room when it comes to how they market their products.

This particular trend came about because of common questions and concerns that many customers had. Whether it was difficulty determining if a food product contained peanuts, or if a beverage contained artificial sweeteners, people were tired of reading the fine print. Businesses that print short descriptions of the most important aspects of their products right on the front label have seen a lower number of customer inquiries, and many have seen a boost in sales as well. Keeping the packaging clear and concise makes life easier for both the company and the consumers they serve.

Cleaner is Better

Health concerns are always going to be near the top of people’s priorities. Businesses have seen an increase in aseptic packaging that proves sterile products are available more now than they were in the past. Aseptic packaging is a method of processing products and their containers in separate, sterile environments and putting them together in a third, also sterile, location. With growing concerns of germs and contamination, many companies thought it best to reduce the risk to their customers by using this method of packaging.

Businesses that typically use aseptic packaging are selling products that can be harmful if mixed with outside elements. For the most part it is food or beverages, but it has been seeing a rise in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Studies have shown that consumers will lose trust in a brand if there are any publicized contamination issues. Companies that use this packaging substantially reduce that risk and will be able to keep the trust they have worked so hard to obtain.

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