Will You Automate Your Company? Know What To Do With Unused Equipment

Industrial automation is becoming an increasingly necessary process. This market is expected to grow 6.6% per year until 2024, according to data released by Transparency Market Research. Linked to Industry 4.0, this restructuring aims to improve the productivity of processes through technology, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, and cloud computing.

In addition to improving the production line through new software and equipment, this method helps take care of the machines that will be decommissioned, a necessary process. To avoid high costs of disposal or storage, the best option is to sell these assets, which gives the equipment a second life while providing the seller money to continue investing in improvements.

The first step in selling this machinery is to hire a specialized company that evaluates all the necessary conditions and offers step-by-step assistance. “EquipNet’s objective is to facilitate the sale and negotiation process between buyer and seller,” Roberta Bosignoli, EquipNet’s Operations and Business Development Manager, says. “We have been operating in this market for over 20 years and we have the expertise to conduct this management in several industrial segments. In addition to being able to carry out the sale more quickly, the seller also obtains greater financial return.”

After choosing the specialized company that will be in charge of all sales procedures, a visit to the factory is made to evaluate the equipment. After that, together with the customer, the value of the machinery is defined. “We actively participate in the entire process and work to choose the best sales channel that brings the most returns for the customer,” Bosignoli adds. “Our marketplace has a division by categories such as type of equipment, industry and region, making it even easier to find the ideal buyer.”

According to Bosignoli, the equipment used is a great opportunity for companies looking to make advancements, but who do not have the money to invest in new equipment. “The useful life of industrial machines is usually very long, so in most cases they are in excellent conditions of use and can be very beneficial for other segments,” she says. “Our role is precisely to find and connect seller and buyer, bringing a solution and an advantage for both.”

About EquipNet

EquipNet is a North American company with more than 20 years of activity, which acts globally assisting its customers throughout the process of negotiating used/decommissioned equipment. With an office in Brazil, the company has the expertise to manage the negotiation between sellers and potential customers, ensuring a fair assessment of the equipment. It operates in more than 20 segments such as food, pharmaceutical and R&D, serving from small companies to multinational corporations.

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