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The Future of Food Packaging

Those trying to live a healthy lifestyle know to avoid the center of the grocery store and stick to the perimeter where the fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats are kept. More and more people are adopting this style of grocery shopping, which is leadi

ng food packagers to find ways to make the packages at the perimeter of the store as interesting and exciting as the ones in the middle aisles.

In a recent article on titled, “Waiting for the Wrap-ture,” smart packaging is discussed. Smart packaging responds to triggers in the environment to provide the consumer with important information about the food within. Some packages have sensors that monitor the freshness of food, taking the guess work out of the choice between throwing that fish on the grill or into the garbage can. Others alter the flavor of the food, like a grapefruit juice box that makes the juice sweeter or a scented water bottle cap that transfers a subtle fruit scent to the water. The next hope for food packaging is an antimicrobial package – one that can cost-effectively kill organisms without affecting the food within or the health of the person who eventually eats it.

These great leaps forward in food packaging require specialty equipment; some equipment could even be one-of-a-kind. If your lab is getting involved in the future of food packaging, contact EquipNet to discuss having your one-of-a-kind equipment appraised or for help selling your specialty equipment once it is no longer useful to your lab.

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