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Going Green in the Household Industry

Consumers are the driving force behind the trends shaping the market for green cleaning products. According to a report published in Green Household Cleaning and Laundry Products in the U.S., 3rd Edition by Packaged Facts, the green market niche accounts for approximately 3 percent of the total retail laundry product and household cleaner industry; in 2014, the retail sales of green cleaning products totaled an estimated $600 million.
Consumers who are concerned with how the products they use affect the environment will continue to demand environmentally friendly products in less packaging. Therefore, green household industry manufacturers need to balance the consumers’ desire for eco-friendly products and packaging with their ability to meet consumer needs.
In order to be successful in the green cleaning products market, a manufacturer needs to balance their products’ performance with its price. Manufacturers can decrease their production costs by using less expensive ingredients that will not affect the performance of their products. Additionally, manufacturers can reduce packaging costs by offering concentrated cleaning products to consumers in smaller containers.
Ease of Use
Any product that makes the cleaning process quicker and easier has a greater chance of becoming popular in the household industry. Additionally, products that serve more than one function tend to be very successful.
Fragrance and Packaging
Attractive packaging and pleasant fragrances can increase a product’s shelf appeal. Packaging should highlight both the effectiveness and quality of the cleaning product.
Some manufacturers offer clear product packaging, thus allowing consumers to see the color and consistency of the cleaning product because these can be indicators of the product’s perceived performance.
Environmental Awareness
As consumers become aware of how everyday activities affect the world, they look for ways to minimize their impact on the environment. Using green household cleaning supplies is one way consumers are reducing their environmental impact.
The research conducted by Packaged Facts emphasizes four key marketing trends that are currently influencing the future of the green household cleaner industry.
1. Transparency
Consumers who want to purchase green products demand that manufacturers are transparent. These consumers are concerned with the ingredients in the products they purchase. Consequently, green household industry marketers are voluntarily disclosing products’ ingredients on their websites.
2. Earning Trust and Marketing Green Credibility
The effectiveness of green cleaning products, higher prices and skepticism are some of the challenges that manufacturers in the green cleaners market have had to overcome. A lack of required standards for environmentally friendly products, in conjunction with consumer cynicism has led to manufacturers securing third-party endorsements. These endorsements reassure consumers that their products are what they claim them to be, effective and safe. Also, because many consumers justify their purchase of a more expensive product by its outstanding performance, every green cleaning product must fulfill the promise made by its manufacturer.
3. Advertising and Promotion
Prior to mass marketers entering the green cleaner market in 2008 and 2009, heavy advertising was not typically used in this market. These large companies spent millions of dollars advertising their new environmentally friendly products. In 2010, as sales of green products began to decline, these companies abandoned their million-dollar-advertising campaigns. Companies once again began to rely on promotional efforts in the form of grassroots and viral campaigns to persuade consumers to purchase their products.
4. Multi-Packs
Although not necessarily considered a new trend, green cleaner marketers began offering specially priced multi-packs to consumers. Manufacturers’ design these bundles to increase their brand’s exposure and allow consumers to try several of their products at the same time.
The uncertain economic environment has led to a pursuit of new or higher valued products in the household industry, changing the way consumers use and purchase their cleaning products. Uniquely designed on-shelf packaging helps products stand out from their competitors; as a result, an effective product in unique packaging can establish a brand and its products as leaders in the green cleaners industry.

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